RAI “Interview the Chamber” Series: Winnie Jo-Mei Ma (CAA) in conversation with Youssef Al Saman

Published: 22/02/2023 18:05

Youssef Al Saman, Member of the Executive Committee at the Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI) and Partner at Zulficar & Partners speaks to Winnie Jo-Mei Ma, Advisor (and former Deputy Secretary-General) of the Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (“CAA”) and Resident/arbitrator at The Arbitration Chambers (“TAC”) in the next episode of the RAI’s “Interview the Institution” Series.

This interview is particularly unique because it overlaps with the “Interview the Chambers” Series as Winnie talks through her experience at the CAA as well as her experience at TAC.

In this engaging talk with Youssef, Winnie discusses the arbitrator appointment process at the CAA. Winnie explains how the CAA only appoints arbitrators from its database which includes more than 900 arbitrators, 100 of which are foreign arbitrators. Winnie explains how there are no prerequisites to being included in the CAA database, however, she notes that the more engaged you are with the CAA, the more opportunity there is for you to become appointed. On this basis, Winnie encourages those wishing to be included in the CAA’s database to attend events such as the annual Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation as well as the Taiwan Arbitration Week.

Winne notes CAA’s continued efforts to provide education and training for arbitrators through its Training Committee together with the Young Arbitrator Committee, which is open to all arbitrator practitioners under the age of 40. Winnie discusses how the Young Arbitrator Committee provides various courses, seminars, workshops and other functions in collaboration with different institutions such as CIArb East Asia Branch Taiwan Chapter.

On the “chambers” front, Winnie provides valuable insight into her transition from working at CAA to working as an arbitrator at TAC. She also explains the criteria for applying to work at TAC.

In her concluding remarks, Winnie encourages aspiring and young arbitrators to keep learning and making the most of every arbitration-related work experience at arbitral institutions, chambers as well as academic institutions. Keep building on basics, sharpening skills, balancing versatility and specialty. Together they make us better arbitrators, as well as contributors to the diversity, efficacy and longevity of arbitration.

Watch the full recording of the interview on the RAI website available here:

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