RAI “Interview the Institution” Series: Brandon Malone and Andrew Mackenzie (Scottish Arbitration Centre) in conversation with Camilla Gambarini

Published: 12/04/2022 13:14

by Gladwin Issac, Associate, S&R Associates, Mumbai, India

Camilla Gambarini, Member of the Executive Committee of the Knowledge Management and Development Group of the Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI) and Senior Associate at Withers in London speaks to Brandon Malone and Andrew Mackenzie, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive, respectively, at the Scottish Arbitration Centre (SAC) in the next episode of the RAI “Interview the Institution” Series.

In this brief conversation with Camilla, Brandon and Andrew reflect on the beginnings of the SAC, the Scottish legal system, and the development of arbitration in Scotland. They discuss the procedure for appointment of arbitrators at the SAC, the criteria that the SAC considers while making appointments, and the recent appointment trends at the SAC.

Brandon and Andrew note the SAC’s continued efforts to provide education and training for arbitrators and offer us a glimpse of what lies in the future for SAC. In their advice to upcoming arbitrators, they urge candidates to develop their profiles and to seize available opportunities by focusing on small-value disputes that may otherwise not be taken up by more established arbitrators. Watch the full recording of the interview on the RAI website available here:

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