RAI “Interview the Institution” Series: Dr. Ismail Selim (CRCICA) in conversation with Alexander Leventhal

Published: 15/02/2022 09:45

by Gladwin Issac, Associate, S&R Associates, Mumbai, India

Alexander Leventhal, Co-Founder of Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI) and Partner at Quinn Emanuel in Paris speaks to Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA) in the next episode of the RAI’s “Interview the Institution” Series.

In this engaging talk with Alexander, Dr. Selim reflects on CRCICA’s growth to date, from starting as a regional organization to eventually expanding its reach to jurisdictions beyond Asia and Africa. He discusses Cairo’s potential to be a leading arbitration hub, the arbitrator appointment process at CRCICA, and the significance of the CRCICA Practice Notes in interpreting the provisions of the CRCICA Arbitration Rules. Dr. Selim notes CRCICA’s continued efforts to broaden its pool of arbitrators, as is reflected in the Centre’s recent appointment statistics. In his advice to upcoming arbitrators, Dr. Selim urges candidates to leverage their “counsel experience”, be more open-minded, and participate in various training and skill development programs to make themselves ready for the role.

Watch the full recording of the interview on the RAI website, available here:

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