RAI “Interview the Institution” Series: Flavia Mange in conversation with Dr. Fuyong Chen (BAC/BIAC)

Published: 28/01/2021 18:25

by Gladwin Issac, Associate, S&R Associates, Mumbai, India

Flavia Mange, In-charge of Memberships of the Executive Committee of Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI) and Partner at Mange & Gabbay in São Paulo meets Dr. Fuyong Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center (BAC/BIAC) in the fifth session of RAI’s “Interview the Institution” Series.

In this brief interaction with Flavia, Fuyong reflects on BAC/BIAC’s mandate to work for the development of diversified dispute resolution in China and the significance of support initiatives like the RAI in widening the existing pool of arbitrators. He also provides an insider’s take on the 2019 BAC/BIAC Arbitration Rules, in particular, the unique process of appointing arbitrators under Article 23 of the BAC/BIAC Arbitration Rules. Fuyong then discusses briefly the criteria for appointment on the BAC/BIAC’s Panel of Arbitrators and the “internal policy” on diversity in place at BAC/BIAC.

Lastly, Fuyong offers advice on what it takes for young arbitrators to demonstrate competence in case management and secure their first arbitral appointment. He also encourages young arbitrators to make use of the available training and certification programmes in international arbitration and take the first step towards becoming an arbitrator.

Watch the full recording of the interview on the RAI website available here.

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