RAI "Interview the Institution" Series: Hang Vu Thi (VIAC) in conversation with Mino Han

Published: 27/04/2023 20:57

Mino Han, Member of the Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI) Events Taskforce and Partner at Peter & Kim speaks to Hang Vu Thi, Deputy Director in the Secretariat of the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (“VIAC”) in the next episode of the RAI’s “Interview the Institution” Series.

In this engaging talk with Mino, Hang shares some insightful stories on her journey into arbitration and more specifically on working with the VIAC. Hang also shares some background on the history of arbitration in Vietnam and how this has developed over the years to the landscape present today.

Hang discusses the arbitrator appointment process at the VIAC. Hang provides some interesting statistics on arbitrator appointments and diversity at the VIAC as well as the eligibility requirements for practitioners wishing to be included in the VIAC’s list of arbitrators.

In her concluding remarks, Hang encourages aspiring and young arbitrators to gain as much exposure as possible to arbitration events especially those organized by various arbitral institutions. This will be key to building a network and rapport with the relevant institution.

Watch the full recording of the interview on the RAI website available here

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