Dr Maciej Durbas, LL.M.

Kubas Kos Galkowski




aviation, construction, real estate, automotive, banking and financial services, gaming, government and public policy, technology and communication,

English, Polish

Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland – Ph.D. cum laude at the Chair of Civil law, prof. Jerzy Pisulinski – October 2011 – March 2021, title: “Deciding on jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals”

University of Vienna, Austria – LL.M. in European and Asian Studies cum laude – March – June 2015

University of Hong Kong – LL.M. in European and Asian Studies cum laude – August – December 2015

Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland – M.A. – October 2006 – June 2011


Conference title: 60 years of the 1958 New York Convention in Poland
Panel: European approach to the "in favorem jurisdictionis arbitri" rule
Date and place: 21 January, online
Organizer: Jagiellonian University ADR Society, ICCA

Conference title: ICC YAF: Holiday Season Meet&Greet - Unwrapping the Eastern European potential
Panel: Cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe in international arbitration
Date and place: 16 December, online
Organizer: ICC YAF

Conference title: Closing the justice gap in investor protection through specialised corporate and capital market courts
Presentation title: Expert opinion under Polish procedural law and international arbitral practice
Date and place: 10 December, Vienna (online)
Organizer: Polish Academy of Science

Conference title: Panel: ADR vs. state courts. Advantages, disadvantages, limitations
Date and place: 24 November, Krakow
Organizer: Court of Arbitration at the Society of Engineers Advisors and Experts

Activity: Podcast recording on arbitration
Date: 18 June
Organizer: Court of Arbitration at the Society of Engineers Advisors and Experts

Conference title: Arbitration Panel „The Impact of Pandemics on Arbitration in Poland. Assessment of the Current State and Prognosis for the Future”
Date and place: 31 May, Krakow
Organizer: Krakow Bar Association under the auspices of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (European Branch)

Conference title: Jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal – Practical Issues
Date and place: 26 April, Krakow
Organizer: SAKIG Youth Arbitration Forum

Title: translation of commentary to Art. 61-64 CISG and to Art. 1-21 of the Limitation Convention
Author: Maciej Durbas
Place and year of issue: 2021
Publisher: in. I. Schwenzer, K. Iwinski (eds.), United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Commentary, C.H. Beck
Publication language: Polish

Title: Data Mining, Text Analytics and International Commercial Arbitration
Author: Piotr Wilinski, Maciej Durbas
Place and year of issue: 2022 (forthcoming)
Publisher: in: Pietro Ortolani et al. (eds.): International Arbitration and Technology, Wolters Kluwer
Publication language: English
Number of pages: 22

Title: Supplying “the Original Version of the Arbitration Agreement” Under Article IV of the New York Convention when No Such Document Exists. The Proposed Solution to a Paradox
Author: Maciej Durbas, Agata Wojtczak, Maciej Truszkiewicz
Place and year of issue: 2022 (forthcoming)
Publisher: Czech (&Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration 2022, Juris Publishing
Publication language: English
Number of pages: 22

Title: Arbitration agreement in the articles of a family foundation – de lege ferenda remarks
Author: Maciej Durbas
Place and year of issue: 2021
Publisher: ADR Arbitration and Mediation (ADR Arbitraz i Mediacja) no 2/2021
Publication language: Polish
Number of pages: 14

CYArb - Member
RAI - Member
Young ITA - Mentor
VIS Moot - Jagiellonian University's team coach
Cross Moot - Jagiellonian University's team coach

I believe that if "how to resolve my disputes efficiently and fast" is the question, arbitration is the answer. I work hard to make arbitration better and more popular.

I am a Polish-based dispute resolution lawyer with vast experience in both domestic and international arbitration and litigation. I serve as counsel, assistant to arbitrators, secretary to arbitral tribunals and arbitrator in numerous proceedings, both in Poland and abroad.

I have an international background (LL.M. in Vienna and Hong Kong) and an academic one too - I have just defended my Ph.D. on arbitration at the Jagiellonian University of Kraków. For 10 years I have been coaching the Jagiellonian University's team in Willem C. Vis Moot and therefore I am fortunate enough to constantly work with brilliant future dispute resolution lawyers.

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