Adriana Vaamonde Marcano

Independent Arbitrator




International Arbitration, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, International Contracts

Spanish and English

2021 Finance for non-financial executives / Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA - Venezuela)
2020 Negotiation principles and strategies workshop / Universidad Monteávila-CIERC (UMA - Venezuela)
2008 Máster in International Trade / Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M - Spain)
2008 Specialist in Corporate Law / Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET - Venezuela)
2005 Bachelor of Law / Universidad Monteávila (UMA - Venezuela)

2021 Campaña para arbitrajes más verdes en Latinoamérica - The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations
2021 Appointment of Arbitrators: guarantee of impartiality and independence - VII Congreso de Arbitraje de la AVA (Venezuela)
2021 Precautionary measures – X IPA's Regional Congress (Peru)
2021 Arbitration Rules – Spanish Arbitration Club
2021 AVA’s Project for Independence Arbitration Rules
2021 LIA Young Practitioners' Webinar
2021 IPA Conference on young people and the future of arbitration
2021 Women in Arbitration IPA
2020 Arbitraje: Cultura Empresarial - Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution
2020 Arbitration Scary Tales - Online - LIA Young Practitioners' Webinar
2020 National and International Arbitration – Athena (Peru)
2020 La importancia de poner a Latinoamérica de Moda - Online - LIA Young Practitioners' Webinar
2020 Jóvenes en el Arbitraje - Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution
2020 Arbitration and Technology: An efficient reality for today's justice - Online - CEA con...-40 (Venezuela)
2021 International Arbitration – National Chamber of Commerce of Peru
2021 III National Congress of civil law and arbitration (Peru)
2020 Dispute Boards: Dispute Prevention and Resolution Mechanism for Latin America - Online - IX IPA's Regional Congress (Peru)
2020 Obligations and Responsibilities of Arbitrators in Public Work Arbitrations - Online - IAGP Perú
2020 Introduction to Arbitration - Online - AVA's Webinar (Venezuela)
2017 Trade and Institutional Commercial Arbitration - Consecomercio's Annual Assembly (Venezuela)
2017 The procedural conduct of the parties and their lawyers throughout the arbitration process.
- XI IPA's International Congress (Peru)

2017 III Congreso de Arbitraje de la AVA (Venezuela)
2016 Arbitration from the Latin American perspective: guerrilla tactics and extension of the arbitration agreement in infrastructure projects - IV Spanish Club of Arbitration under 40 Group (Panama)
2016 X Spanish Club of Arbitration under 40 Group (Spain) An efficient future: Debate on the evidentiary value of witnesses in international arbitration
2016 II AVA's Annual Congress (Venezuela) The Arbitration agreement
2015 I AVA's Annual Congress (Venezuela) The Arbitral Procedure
2013 Annual Conference of the Inter-American Commission on Arbitration (Dominican Republic) The Arbitration Procedure: Regional News - Interim Measures: Form and Execution
2013 12th. IFCAI's Bienal Conference: “INNOVATIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS AT THE ARBITRAL WORLD” (Venezuela) The relationship between Institutions, Arbitrators and Parties
2012 I UCV's Commercial Arbitration Forum (Venezuela) Institutional Arbitration in Venezuela and the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Caracas's contribution

Arbitrator at Moot Competitions (Venezuela, Washington, Vienna)
2022 Regional Representative of Young ICCA
2022 Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Missouri (UM)
2021 Member of the Official List of Arbitrators of the Business Center for Conciliation and Arbitration (CEDCA) and of the National and International Arbitration Center of The Peruvian Chamber of Business.
2021 Member of The Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI). Member of its Publication Task Force.
2021 Member of the Academic Council, Deputy Director of Studies, and member of the Editorial Board of the law journal "Principia" of the Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution (CIERC)
2021 Vice-Chair for Spanish-speaking South America of The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations (CGA)
2021 Vice President of Academic Affairs of the Venezuelan Arbitration Association (AVA). Founding member and coordinated the drafting group of the Rules for Independent Arbitration.
2020 Board Director of the Latin America International Arbitration Young Practitioners (LIAYP)
2020 Member of the Venezuelan institute of law and technology (INVEDET)
2017 Founding member of the Venezuelan Society of Corporate Law (SOVEDEM)
2015 Professor of Arbitration at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)
2013 ADR Professor at Instituto de Gerencia y Estrategia del Estado Zulio (IGEZ)
2013 Board Directors of the Venezuelan Chapter of the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA). Member under 40, and member of the arbitration best practices drafting group.
2012 ADR Professor at Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET)

International Arbitrator / Law Professor / Speaker

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