Krystle Baptista

KB ; International Law & Arbitration

Spanish and Venezuelan

Spain , NY

Madrid, Spain

Krystle has served as counsel, tribunal secretary or arbitrator in cases arising from construction projects, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, real estate projects, gas pricing, financial services agreements and other contractual disputes, as well as in investment arbitrations. She also sits as a dispute board member.

English and Spanish (for award writing), and French and Portuguese.

- LL.M. (International Legal Studies), NYU SCHOOL OF LAW, New York
- Exchange Student, CHICAGO KENT COLLEGE OF LAW, Chicago
- Diploma in Anglo-American Law, UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRA LAW SCHOOL
- Diploma in International Business Law, UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRA LAW SCHOOL

- Author, New Actors in Investment Arbitration: the Legitimate Government – Venezuela in Special upcoming Issue of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law, Catharine Titi et al. Springer, 2020 (2021).
- Co-editor, Special edition of the Spanish Arbitration Review dedicated to Commentaries to The Code of Best Practices, 2020.
- Co-author, chapter on The Code of Best Practices in Arbitration Practical Memento 2020-2021, Francis Lefebvre, 2020.
- Co-author, The Use of Evidence Obtained through a State’s Special Antitrust Powers in Investment Arbitration in ‘International Investment Law and Competition Law’, European Yearbook of International Economic Law, K. Fach Gómez et al. Springer, 2019 edition (publication expected early 2020).
- Co-author (Secretary), Code of Best Practices in Arbitration, Spanish Arbitration Club (2019).
- Peer reviewer, International Investment Law and the Law of Armed Conflict, European Yearbook of International Economic Law, Anastasios Gourgourinis et al. Springer, Special Issue, 2019.
- Co-author, Commentary to ICSID Rule 18 – Representation of the Parties in ‘The ICSID Convention, Regulations and Rules: A Practical Commentary’, dir. J. Fouret, R. Gerbay et G.M. Alvarez, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019.
- Author, case report of BSG Resources Limited, BSG Resources (Guinea) Limited and BSG Resources (Guinea) SARL v. Republic of Guinea (ICSID Case No. ARB/14/22) – Decision on the Proposal to Disqualify All Members of the Arbitral Tribunal of 28 December 2016 in TDM + OGEMID Case Reports, 2017.
- Speaker, “Introduction to the Use and Appointment of Arbitral Secretaries”, Young ICCA Workshop (2021).
- Moderator, “Setting the stage: arbitrator interviews, conflicts and disclosures”, Push for Parity: season 2, ERA Pledge (2021).
- Speaker, “Risk and Error in Arbitration: Perspectives from Different Players”, Under 40 Session of the XIV Congress of the Centro de Arbitragem Comercial (Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) (2021).
- Moderator, “Novelties on the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration”, Venezuelan Arbitration Association (2021).
- Speaker, “Careers in Arbitration: opportunities and challenges for German and Spanish lawyers”, Spanish Arbitration Club (2021).
- Moderator, “New Opportunities for Arbitration Lawyers: climate change, outer space and human rights”, YAWP – Young ArbitralWomen Practitioners (2021).
- Moderator, “Arbitral parents: how to survive as a parent in international arbitration”, ERA Pledge Young Practitioners Subcommittee (2021).
- Speaker, “Redefinition of the «seat of arbitration»”, III Women in Arbitration IPA (2021).
- Speaker, “Getting your first appointment-insights from practitioners”, Push for Parity Series, ERA Pledge (2020).
- Speaker, “Place of Arbitration and Applicable Law”, webinar, Peruvian Institute of Arbitration and Madrid International Arbitration Center (2020).
- Speaker, “New trends and challenges in investment arbitration”, webinar, Venezuelan Arbitration Association – AVA, Madrid-Washington-NY (2020).
- Speaker, “Italian launch of the Code of Best Practices of the Spanish Arbitration Club”, webinar Italian Chapter of the Spanish Arbitration Club (2020).
- Speaker, “Code of Best Practices of the Spanish Arbitration Club”, Ecuadorian Chapter of the Spanish Arbitration Club, Madrid-Quito-Guayaquil (2019).
- Speaker, “Arbitration and Construction: multiparty and multi-contract arbitration”, IV Curso de contrataciones y arbitraje: contratando con el estado, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Lima (2019).
- Speaker, “Actors in International Investment Law: Beyond Claimants, Respondents and Arbitrators”, Colloquium, Paris (2019).
- Speaker, “Code of Best Practices of the Spanish Arbitration Club”, Venezuelan Arbitration Association – AVA, Caracas-Madrid (2019).
- Speaker, “How to break into International Arbitration”, ICC YAF – IASC, Madrid (2019).
- Speaker, “Jurisdiction and Enforcement: that is the issue”, Italian Chapter of the Spanish Arbitration Club and CEA Mujeres, Rome (2019).
- Moderator, “The NY Convention and Investment Arbitration”, 60 Years of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Key issues and future challenges, Seville (2018).
- Speaker, “Empathy and Efficiency: when arbitrators and lawyers get in each other’s shoes to benefit the proceedings”, 2018 Arbitration Open, Madrid (2018).
- Speaker, “IBA Arb40-YIAG Symposium”, 21st Annual IBA Arbitration Day, Buenos Aires (2018).
- Speaker, “A Training Session on the IBA Arb40’s Toolkit for Arbitral Award Writing”, CEA-40 and IBA Arb-40 Committee, Madrid (2017).
- Speaker, “Don’t yell, I am not deaf! Communication difficulties when solicitor and arbitrator do not share the same mother tongue”, II Madrid Vis Pre-Moot conference, Madrid (2017).
- Speaker, “Recent trends in practical issues of Investment Arbitration”, FIAMC Pre-moot conference, Moscow (2017).
- Moderator, “Guerrilla tactics in International Arbitration in Latam”, CEA-40 and ICC-YAF, Panama City (2016).
- Moderator, “Settlement of Investment Disputes: At a cross-roads?”, CEA-40 Special event featuring: Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Madrid (2016).
- Speaker, “New ICC policies to promote transparency and efficiency”, ICC YAF meets CEA-40, Madrid (2016).
- Moderator, “Claims under the ECT against Spain and Italy”, Arbit meets CEA-40, Rome (2015).
- Moderator, “Investment Arbitration: hot procedural issues”, IX CEA-40 Annual Meeting in Madrid, CEA-40 (2015).
- Speaker, “Document Production”, III International Arbitration Congress in Barcelona, ICAB (2014).

- Member, New York State Bar Association
- Member, Madrid Bar Association
- Member, Young Arbitral Women Practitioners Steering Committee
- Co-director, YICCA Mentoring Programme
- Member, ERA Pledge Young Practitioner Subcommittee
- Member, IBA Arb40 Steering Committee
- Member, ICC YAF
- Associate, ICDR Y&I of the American Arbitration Association
- Member, Young ICSID
- Member, LCIA’s YIAG
- Member and former co-chair, Spanish Arbitration Club Under 40 (CEA-40)
- National Administrator, Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (2010 -2011, 2013)

With dual qualification in civil and common law, a brilliant academic record, experience in the best Iberian law firms, and extensive experience handling complex international arbitrations, Krystle Baptista represents a new generation of arbitrators, specialized in the field from the outset of their careers.
Krystle is an independent arbitration practitioner who currently sits as an arbitrator and consultant in international commercial cases. Exceptionally, Krystle also works as a freelance tribunal secretary in complex investment arbitration cases. She takes part in commercial and investment arbitration proceedings under the main international rules (ICC, ICSID, LCIA, CIAC-IACAC, UNCITRAL, etc.).
Krystle has served as counsel, tribunal secretary, or arbitrator in cases arising from construction projects, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, real estate projects, gas pricing, financial services agreements, and other contractual disputes, as well as in investment arbitrations.
Krystle constantly works on updating her legal knowledge and regularly speaks, writes, and teaches on international arbitration. She is an adjunct professor at IE Law School (Madrid, Spain) and a Ph.D. candidate (War Clauses in Investment Arbitration Agreements) at the University of Zaragoza & Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. She works in English and Spanish and speaks French and Portuguese, and she is a dual national of Venezuela and Spain.

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