Rodrigo de Oliveira Franco

Guandalini, Isfer & Oliveira Franco Advogados



Curitiba, PR

M&A, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Franchising, Agribusiness, Banking and Real Estate

• Portuguese (native)
• English (fluent)
• Spanish (fluent)
• French (proficient)

• University of Geneva & The Graduate Institute, Master in International
Dispute Settlement (MIDS program), full-ride scholarship awarded
• Swiss Arbitration Academy, Practitioner’s Course in International
Arbitration, full tuition scholarship awarded
• University of Lisbon, Academic Exchange Program
• Curitiba University Center, Bachelor’s Degree in Law

• The Extension of the Arbitration Clause to third-parties based on the
Group of Companies Theory: an analysis of the applicable law, its
application in international disputes and its reception by the Brazilian
legal system, co-author with Pedro Lins, Revista de Arbitragem e
Mediação, n. 56, Jan. 2018, ed. Thomson Reuters.
• FRANCO, R. O. Judicial Precedent and Arbitration: Are Arbitrators
Bound by Judicial Precedent? A Comparative Study of UK, US and
Brazilian Law and Practice. Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, v. 15, p.
200-204, 2018.
• The New ICDR Arbitration Rules, co-author with Mauricio Gomm
Santos, Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, vol. 44, Oct. 2014, ed.
Síntese, p. 31.

• ICDR Y&I, Arbitration and Web3 Disputes: Crypto and Smart Contracts
(webinar, Oct. 2022)
• CJM, Mediation in Practice (webinar, Jun. 2022)
• 2nd FAE Arbitration Conference (May, 2022)
• The ICDR Administrative Review Council in Practice (webinar, Oct.
• ARBITAC Rule Changes (webinar, May 2021)
• ICDR America’s Conference. Tertulia Session on the 2021 ICDR Rule
Changes (Dec. 2020)
• NYU Law/ICDR Y&I, Joinder of Parties and Virtual Hearings: When,
Why and How? (Nov. 2020)
• Young ICCA Workshop on Cross-examination in International
Arbitration (São Paulo, Oct. 2019)
• Young ICCA Workshop on Effective Advocacy (Asunción, Oct. 2018)
• PUC-SP, Under 40 International Arbitration Day (São Paulo, Aug. 2018)
• ARBITAC, Arbitration & Mediation as a way to reduce costs (Curitiba,
Jun. 2018)
• ABEArb, Arbitration Clause and Terms of Reference (Curitiba, May
• ABEArb, Arbitration & Precedents (Curitiba, Ago. 2017)
• ARBITAC, Arbitration, Mediation and the Judiciary (Curitiba, Jun. 2017)
• ARBITAC & ABEArb, Emergency Arbitration Proceedings (Curitiba, Aug.
• ICDR, The Miami International Arbitration Conference, Tertulia Session
(Miami, Jan. 2015)
• Columbia University, How to break into arbitration? (New York, Nov.
• The 17th Willem C. Vis Moot, Member of the University of Geneva’s
team (Vienna, April 2010)

• ICDR Y&I – Member of the Executive Board (2020-2022) and the Global
Advisory Board (2017-2019)
• ARBITAC – Member of the Board of Directors (2020-2022) and
President of the Young Arbitration Commission (2017-2019). Member
of the Roster of Arbitrators since 2020
• CAESP – Member of the Roster of Arbitrators since 2022
• PUC-PR – Professor, Specialization Course in Civil Procedures,
Mediation and Arbitration (2019)
• CAMFIEP – Member of the Roster of Arbitrators since 2015

Rodrigo works as counsel, arbitrator, mediator and negotiator in commercial and civil cases. He has more than 15 years of experience related to construction, energy, franchising, real estate, banking, oil & gas and agribusiness matters. He is registered with the Brazilian Bar Association, Paraná and São Paulo Sections; Portugal, Lisbon Section; and USA, Florida, in the latter as foreign legal consultant.

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