RA Dr. Michael Komuczky

Attorney at law



Vienna, Austria

Distribution law, insurance contracts, financing agreements, transport and sale of goods

German (mother tounge), English, Spanish

Doctoral Degree, University of Vienna
Austrian Bar Exam
Undergraduate Degree, University of Vienna


• Impecuniousity of the Respondent in Arbitration (published in German: Mittellosigkeit des Beklagten im Schiedsverfahren), SchiedsVZ 2022, 8
• World Café Report VAD 2021 – Model Clauses and Drafting for Construction Arbitration, Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2022, 253 (together with Anna Förstel-Cherng and Rita Kaufmann)
• Drafting multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses, Kluwer Mediation Blog on 30 Nov 2021 (together with Sima Ghaffari)
• Entry only for vaccinated people? (published in German: Eintritt nur für Geimpfte?), Die Presse Rechtspanorama of 23 Aug 2021
• Commercial Arbitration and Criminal Law (published in German: Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit und Strafrecht), Springer (2021)
• Relativity of ordre public when setting aside arbitral awards (published in German: Glosse zu OGH 6.3.2020, 18 OCg 7/19g – Zur Berücksichtigung der Relativität des ordre public im Aufhebungsverfahren eines Schiedsspruchs), ecolex 2020/305
• Enforcing judgments outside the EU (published in German: Urteile außerhalb der EU leichter vollstreckbar), Die Presse Rechtspanorama of 28 Jul 2019 (together with Rudolf Fiebinger)
• Anti-suit Injunctions in Arbitral and Judicial Procedures – National Report for Austria, IACL World Congress 2018
• Punitive Damages and Public Policy in the EU, Yearbook of Private International Law XIX 2017/2018, 509
• The subjective element in Art 25 Brussels Ia Regulation (published in German: Das subjektive Element in Art 25 Brüssel Ia-VO), ecolex 2018, 235
• Surrogacy abroad under Austrian law (published in German: Dogmatische Einordnung von ausländischen Leihmutterschaften in Österreich), IPRax 2018, 282
• Liability under the PRIIP Regulation (published in German: Die Haftung für verpackte Anlageprodukte und Versicherungsanlageprodukte nach der PRIIP-Verordnung), ÖBA 2017, 697 (together with Gernot Wilfling)
• Arbitration and EU Law (published in German: Internationale Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit und europäische Harmonisierung – unlösbare Friktion oder perspektivenreiche Zukunft?), in Behme/Ferves et al (Hrsg), Perspektiven einer europäischen Privatrechtswissenschaft, Yearbook of the GJZ 2016 (2017) 369
• Applicable law in collective enforcement cases (published in German: Anwendbares Recht bei der Kontrolle von AGB im Verbandsprozess), ZfRV 2016, 268 (together with Christian Dorfmayr)
• Validity of subordinated debt agreements (published in German: Alternative Finanzinstrumente im Lichte der AGB-Kontrolle – zivilrechtliche Zulässigkeit qualifizierter Nachrangdarlehen), ZFR 2016, 367 (together with Gernot Wilfling)
• National Report for Austria for the Helsinki Committee's Report on the Comparison on the Rights, Limitations and Procedures related to Public Gatherings and Demonstrations across Europe, July 2013 (together with Andreas Daxberger)

• EU law, private law and commercial dispute resolution, Keynote speech at the Academic Evening Seminar of the China University of Political Science and Law, Jul 2018
• Applying Domestic Mandatory Rules in a Public International Law Context, Keynote speech for the Academic Luncheon (Brownbag Seminar) at the China University of Political Science and Law, Jul 2017
• Conferee and commentator on the panel “Legal Research on Adult Guardianship”, 5th University Students' International Forum on Public Interest Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Jul 2017
• What are the rights of the child? (held in German) Family Lecture at the University of Vienna, Nov 2016 (together with Agnes Balthasar-Wach)
• Arbitration and EU Law (held in German), 27th annual meeting of the Gesellschaft Junger Zivilrechtswissenschaftler in Munich, Sept 2016

University courses
• Legal research in a cross-border context (held in German), University of Vienna, each term since 2017 (together with Christian Dorfmayr)
• EU Law’s Influence on Commercial Contracts in Europe, China University of Political Science and Law, Jul 2016, 2017 and 2018
• European consumer protection law (held in German), University of Vienna, winter term 2017/18 (together with Katharina Huber)
• Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters, University of Vienna, summer term 2017 (together with Agnes Balthasar-Wach)
• EU Law’s Influence on Commercial Contracts, University of Vienna, winter term 2016/17

- External lecturer at the Law School of the University of Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences Vienna
- Enrolled in the List of Arbitrators at the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic
- Former external lecturer for three years at the China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing
- Member of IBA (Litigation and Arbitration Committees), CIArb, ArbAut, ICCA, YAAP, Young ICCA, YAF, ASAb40, DIS 40, AFM below 40

I am a resourceful and efficient arbitration practitioner and litigator with extensive academic experience, who committs to resolving disputes efficiently and transparent when appointed as arbitrator and ferociously pursues the interest of his clients when acting as counsel.

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