João Luiz Lessa Neto

J Lessa Advocacia Empresarial

Brazil / Italy


São Paulo

Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Contract Law
Construction Law


PhD in Law at University of São Paulo
PhD Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University
Master of Laws - Federal University of Pernambuco/Queen Mary, University of London (Postgraduate Associate)
Bachelor of Law - Federal University of Pernambuco, with a period of mobility at the University of Coimbra – Portugal.

I have published over 50 papers in differentes aspects of arbitration, ADR and Civil Procedure.
I have written or organized a total of 7 books about arbitration and Civil Procedure.
I have been invited to speak in several seminars and congresses in Brazil and abroad in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, England and the USA.

Professor of Undergraduate Studies at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Procedural Law)
Professor at IBMEC SP (Procedural Law and Business Law)
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Member of the Advisory Board of Chettinad Law School (Chennai, India)

I am a Lawyer based in São Paulo Brazil and I have practiced arbitration for over ten years and have acted as arbitrator in over 10 cases concerning metters of Commercial and Corporate Law. I was the Secretary General of the Chamber of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration CIESP/FIESP (Center and Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo) for two years. I am listed in the rooster of arbitrators of several institutions such as:
ARBITAC – "Arbitration Chamber of the Commercial Association of Paraná"
CEMAACP – "Specialized Mediation and Arbitration Chamber of the Commercial Association of São Paulo"
CAMANA – "Mediation and Arbitration Chamber of the National Association of Administrators"
CEMAPE - "Mediation and Arbitration Center of Pernambuco"
CAMES - "Chamber of Arbitration and Specialized Mediation"

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